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The Venezie Institute (known also as the Venetian Institute or Istituto Venezie) is a non-profit, independent, research think-tank based in London. Its mission is to undertake and support institutional, social and economic research based on the principles of individual liberty, institutional integrity, free enterprise, limited government and commonwealth. The final aim is to bring about institutional, economic and social changes, based on the aforementioned five principles, in the Venices (Venezie), i.e. in the territories of the former Venetian Republic".

The Venezie Institute supports and publishes academic research, including books, research papers, and short studies, prepared by its own experts or in collaboration with foreign ones. Topics of research include pension reform, taxation, globalization, socialism, free enterprise and European Union".

The Venezie Institute maintains independence from political parties, religious organizations and economic interest groups. The Institute is financially supported by private donors and also receives support (in the form of collaborative agreements) from other think-tanks like the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation.

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