Timbro is a libertarian, free market think tank and book publisher based in Stockholm, Sweden, that works to promote ideas, influence legislation and public opinion. Its research and analyses are centered on the core values of individual liberty, economic freedom, an open society and minimizing governmental intervention in the economy.

Timbro has been accused of lobbying to restrict the freedom of the press in Sweden in response to Wikileaks. Timbro has challenged the accusations arguing that freedom of expression and media freedom are fundamental values in a free society which the organization works to promote.

In its modern form, Timbro was founded in 1978 by the Swedish Employers' Association (Swedish: Svenska Arbetsgivareföreningen) (which in 2001 merged with the Swedish Industrial Association to form the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise). Timbro is a subsidiary of the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation, which is financed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1]

The website, in Swedish, is [2].

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