The following is a list of think tanks in Canada Based on the Wikipedia pages [1] and [2]

  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
  • Broadbent Institute
  • C. D. Howe Institute
  • Caledon Institute of Social Policy
  • Canada 3.0
  • Canada's World
  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute
  • Canadian Institute of International Affairs
  • Canadian International Council
  • Canadian Policy Research Networks
  • Centre for Cultural Renewal
  • Centre for Global Challenges
  • Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • Centre for the Study of Democracy
  • CIGI Campus
  • Conference Board of Canada
  • Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs
  • The Council of Canadians
  • Douglas-Coldwell Foundation
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Fraser Institute
  • Global Risk Institute in Financial Services
  • Institute for Research on Public Policy
  • Institute of Parliamentary and Political Law
  • International Policy Forum
  • LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium
  • League for Social Reconstruction
  • Macdonald-Laurier Institute
  • Mackenzie Institute
  • Montreal Economic Institute
  • North American Forum on Integration
  • The North-South Institute
  • Polaris Institute
  • Public Policy Forum
  • Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
  • Victoria Transport Policy Institute

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