The Iona Institute is a conservative, Catholic think tank based in Ireland. Founded by David Quinn, a commentator on religious affairs, it was launched publicly in 2007. Psychiatrist Patricia Casey and journalist Breda O'Brien are amongst its patrons.

The Institute advocates religion and opposes same-sex marriage and supported limited civil partnerships with broad based religious freedom protections. It posits that rising crime, family breakdown, drug abuse and other social problems are typical of a "weakened society" and that such a society will fail to recognise the importance of marriage and religion unless an evidence-based case was made. Since its foundation, the Institute has released a number of reports to this end.

In an article in The Irish Times by Kathy Sheridan on gay marriage, the Institute was described as being "blessed with extremely high-profile members with priceless multimedia platforms" and "'very, very engaged' with politicians".

The website is [1]

More information on the Wikipedia page [2]

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