This article is about the agricultural policy think-tank. For the Eurosceptic think-tank see Bruges Group.

The Groupe de Bruges is a European think-tank specializing in agriculture and rural development. In November 2009 one of its members, Romanian Dacian Cioloş, was nominated European Commissioner for Agriculture by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

The Groupe summarizes its own mission as "to provide an independent, positive and constructive criticism of the CAP".

The Groupe de Bruges was created in 1995 by Edgard Pisani and Bertrand Hervieu as a Europe-wide successor to the French Groupe de Seillac (1992-5). The latter had been formed in the context of the debate on reform of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy in the early 1990s. Through its life, the Groupe has enjoyed funding from the Swiss Charles-Leopold Mayer foundation.

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