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Eudoxa is a Swedish think tank, formed in 2000. Eudoxa has a transhumanist, and liberal political profile, with a focus on promoting dynamism, emerging technologies, harm reduction policy and discussing the challenges of the environment and the future. It is independent from political parties and other political and religious interest groups.

Eudoxa organizes seminars and conferences about these subjects, produces reports for corporations and organizations and promotes public debate.

It has a staff consisting both of scientist and humanists, in order to bridge the rift between The Two Cultures on evaluating the effects of emerging technologies, and give a better analysis. Its intellectual inspiration derives much from the book The Future and Its Enemies by Virginia Postrel.

Eudoxa has discussed biotechnology, harm reduction, health care, nanotechnology, RFID, and intellectual property.

Eudoxa is the Swedish partner in the International Property Rights Index.

The website, in Swedish and English, is [2]

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