The Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units is an informal international gathering of financial intelligence units (FIUs). The Group was formed in 1995, and took its name from the palace in Brussels where the meeting took place.

FIUs are national centers to collect information on suspicious or unusual financial activity from the financial industry and other entities or professions required to report transactions suspicious of being money laundering or terrorism financing. FIUs are normally not law enforcement agencies; their mission is to process analyze the information received. If sufficient evidence of unlawful activity is found, the matter is passed to the public prosecution.

The Egmont Group defined an FIU as a central, national agency responsible for receiving (and, as permitted, requesting), analyzing and disseminating to the competent authorities, disclosures of financial information: (i) concerning suspected proceeds of crime and potential financing of terrorism, or (ii) required by national legislation or regulation, in order to counter money laundering and terrorism financing.

The goal of the Egmont Group is to provide a forum for FIUs around the world to improve cooperation in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism and to foster the implementation of domestic programs in this field. The Egmont Group provides support to member FIUs by:

  • expanding and systematizing international cooperation in the reciprocal exchange of information;

increasing the effectiveness of FIUs by offering training and promoting personnel exchanges to improve the expertise and capabilities of personnel employed by FIUs;

  • fostering better and secure communication among FIUs through the application of technology, such as the Egmont Secure Web (ESW);
  • fostering increased coordination and support among the operational divisions of member FIUs;
  • promoting the operational autonomy of FIUs; and
  • promoting the establishment of FIUs in conjunction with jurisdictions with an AML/CFT program in place, or in areas with a program in the early stages of development.

In early 2008, with the support of the Jim Flaherty, Finance Minister of Canada, and FINTRAC, the Canadian FIU, the Egmont Group established its Secretariat in Toronto, Canada.

As of 2011, there are 117 members in the Egmont Group - listed on the Wikipedia page [1]

The website is [2]

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