From the Wikipedia page [1], which has a list of publications.

The Centre for European Reform is a think tank devoted to making the European Union work better and strengthening its role in the world. The CER is pro-European but not uncritical. They regard European integration as largely beneficial but recognise that in many respects the Union does not work well. They also think that the EU should take on more responsibilities globally, on issues ranging from climate change to security. The CER aims to promote an open, outward-looking and effective European Union.

Through our meetings, seminars and conferences, they bring together people from the worlds of politics and business, as well as other opinion-formers.

The conclusions of the CER's research and seminars are reflected in their publications.

The CER is an independent, private not-for-profit organisation and is not affiliated with any government, political party or European institution.

The website is [2].

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